Cleaning Services

Cleanliness is something that should be and must be maintained not just by office workers from different aspects of business but also by homeowners. There are several types of cleaning services available for people from all walks of life can ask for depending on the cleaning company they have sought. Here are three best known types of cleaning services that are commonly needed by people for different applications.

Residential/Commercial Cleaning

A residential/commercial cleaning is one of the many cleaning services offered by cleaning companies. The residential/commercial cleaning takes care of a home or an office unit’s from vacuuming the floors, carpet cleaning, dusting and window washing just to name a few. This form of cleaning service does not apply to homes and offices alone but can also extend to the cleaning up of large areas such as factories and warehouses. Often times, there are other services homeowners or businesses can avail of depending on the provisions offered by the cleaning companies. These other services can be in the form of garden maintenance, pressure washing and painting services.  After all, a cleaning company’s goal is to provide their clients with an environment that is habitable for home or work. Click here

Carpet cleaning

One of the most needed cleaning services is carpet cleaning. This cleaning service type is not only offered by cleaning companies but more predominantly by separate carpet cleaning companies. Carpet cleaning companies take care of cleaning and maintaining carpets. They have different techniques which clients can request or which the company can choose for the client such as carpet shampoo, bonnet method and carpet absorbent cleaning. Otherwise, these carpet cleaning companies will go with a single but effective way of carpet cleaning. These can be different from one company to another although most would choose the hot water extraction method for the benefits is presents.

Car detailing

Car detailing are cleaning services offered by automobile shops that offer maintenance, repairs and installations. Car detailing is the cleaning and maintenance of a car both in the inside and the outside. Externally, a car wash is done and the paint is buffed and applied with wax. Internally, the car’s upholstery is cleaned together with the carpet while the ducts are cleaned using a portable compressor to remove the dust accumulated in the heating or air conditioning ducts. This helps in keeping the car from smelling like dust when the air condition or heating unit is being used.