Check Out Pegasus Motor Inn

If you are about to go for a business trip or a weekend getaways where you need to head back right away as you also have other scheduled meetings, then you should just stay in one of the airport accommodation. There are already so many airport motels in almost all areas all over the world these days as businessmen realized that airport motels are more convenient for those people who are always on the go like you. Yes, for people like you, time of an essence and wasting too much time inside a cab because of heavy traffic is indeed not practical. Why endure that when you can stay in an airport motel where you can skip the irritating traffic especially when you need to catch a flight just after a day or two. Besides, airport motels are as complete as the motels downtown like you can hardly feel the difference.

If you are heading to Brisbane, then you should check Pegasus Motor airport motel. Yes, this an airport motel but if you will check this out, you can say that it can be compared with the best hotels that you know of. Check out some of the admirable features of this awesome airport motel:


– Not only that the motel is just minutes away from the airport, but at the same time, it is also near other landmarks like the Portside wharf and the Cruise terminal. So, in case you also need to be in the places mentioned above, then you can easily do that if you will stay in Pegasus Motor Inn.

– Don’t think that you will not be comfortable in Pegasus Motor Inn as this is rated 4 stars. So, whether you are a businessman, or just an ordinary traveler, you will surely enjoy your stay here.

– You will not get bored in Pegasus Motor Inn as well as despite the fact that you are just there for a short time, still during your free time, you can check out the Brisbane’s racing clubs, Eagle Farm, Doomben and even the Brisbane Racing Carnival.

– Aside from that, the Pegasus alone is actually a boutique and a motel at the same time. it is a wifi zone as well so you will stay connected when you are staying in here.

– If you will rent a car so that you can drive your way in Brisbane, you need not worry for a parking space as there is one allotted for the customers of Pegasus Motor Inn that is accessible 24/7. Aside from that, they also have a gym where you can check 24/7 as well. Indeed there are no boring moments in Pegasus Motor Inn.

So, with all the amazing features Pegasus Motor Inn has, there is really no reason for not to enjoy your stay here. And so that you will not run out of available room, book for one as early as now and you can also do the booking online. Just check the website of North Brisbane Motel.

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