Grind Your Way To A Beautiful Landscape

Tree removal is not always an easy task to take on and in some cases it is not always possible to remove the tree in it’s entirety, roots and all. In many instances the tree’s roots have already attached themselves to the foundation of your home or buried themselves deep under your driveway. In cases like this, removing the roots will cause more damage than good and end up costing you a small fortune to repair.

These are instances where your tree service company has to make some decisions. Most often than not, they will go about removing the tree in the same manner but will cut it down, leaving a protruding stump.

Once the stump is all that is remaining, there are ways of dealing with that. Stump grinding is an efficient way of ridding your landscape of tree stumps and has many other benefits as well.

Hiring stump grinding Sunshine Coast is a way of removing tree stumps left over from the cutting down of trees. Stumps can cause tripping hazards and can cause unnecessary injuries. Stump grinding eliminates these hazards.

Tree stumps are the perfect habitat for pests to breed. By using stump grinding you eliminate any chance that the stumps will become infested with termites, ants and rodents. Termites alone can be the cause of major structural damage to a home as well as damage and destruction to possessions within the home.

Complete removal of a tree stump, obviously depending on the size, can have huge effects on the landscape and possibly leave you with a crater which needs to be filled. Stump grinding is a cheaper and less devastating option.

At times, holes may be drilled into the stump and chemical poured in which effectively kill off the roots and stump. Stump grinding is carried out by using grinders which is used to grind the stump to the ground. The stump is taken apart chip by chip. Any chips from the stump grinding process can either be used to fill the small holes left where the stump once was or if the tree was healthy, the chips can be scattered as mulch to feed the other plants.

Stump grinding is a less invasive process than complete stump removal and the machinery required for grinding is minute compared to the trucks and equipment required for a complete stump removal. The end result will still be a flawless landscape  design but at a fraction of the price.