Tips to Make Your Wedding Fun for Guests

If you’ve been to your friend’s wedding, you’ll surely understand how it can be depressing and boring at times. So, if you want to make it fun for everybody, including kids, check out these tips:

Good food

Food is a kind of entertainment that you can give to guests. You can experiment with the cuisine and play with the food presentation so they will enjoy the experience. Instead of the usual plated meals, why not hire a chef that can make the food exciting for everybody? Talk to your organizer about the plan so they can help you prepare. Don’t forget to research on the ingredients to know which of the guests is allergic to seafood or more.

Mind the seating arrangement

In your wedding, you want to avoid awkward silence and guests being out of place. So, make sure to plan the seating arrangement thoroughly. Assign people in table with their mutual friends. If you fail to plan ahead, guests can get bored and will start to leave because of being stuck in an uncomfortable arrangement.

Entertain kids

Parents cannot fully enjoy the ceremony if they have hungry and cranky kids. So, make sure to prepare some fun activities for toddlers too. Say, purchase a colouring book that they can do all throughout the event. You can also setup a playing area so parents can easily monitor their child. If you can, better hire someone to look after kids.

Decorate the venue

Having a well-decorated venue will make the event more memorable. Whatever the theme is, if you make an effort to put up decorations, guests will be mesmerised.

Get a photo booth

Aside from the wedding photographer, you also need something that can help you entertain guests.  One great way is to get a photo booth hire. It will also serve as a giveaway to your guests so contact The Booth Fairy today. Visit today!

Creating an Illuminated Letter

Unless you are one of the lucky people who have a talent in calligraphy, drawing illuminated letters is not an easy task. You need to focus and spend a time to come up with good results. Luckily, there are now modern ways to do this. However, if you still want to do the traditional style, we also listed the steps that you can follow.


  • For the digitalised illuminated letters, you need to have an Adobe Photoshop software. Just go to the Photoshop website and install this. Once you are done, you now need to create a 1200x 1600 px background. The resolution must be 300. Set the foreground colour and background colour with your choice. To get a smoother look, click the radiant gradient icon and check the dither box.
  • Next is to go to Image click Adjustments and Desaturate. After, go to Image – Adjustments – Levels, and put the Gamma value to 1.15.
  • Now set the background, create the text using the code bold font. Double click the text and click the bevel and emboss. Set the Opacity to 70%.


  • For the traditional way, you must first choose a font or style. Then sketch the outline of a letter. Make sure to leave space as you will fill it with colour and images. It’s up to you if you want to write the text freehand or use pattern and trace it.
  • Create a border around the text and decorate it. You can also paste glitters and sequence.
  • After you can now put it on a parchment paper. Make sure that it is completely dry before hanging as you don’t want the decorations to fall.
  • If you don’t want parchment paper, you can now opt to cork board or illustration board. Just consider the colour of the board as it must blend well with the decoration of your text.


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5 Essentials of a Successful Corporate Event

A corporate event brings a lot of benefits. Aside from creating a brand exposure, you could also meet people that could be your clients. That’s why it is important to plan it well. Here are the steps to do that:

Define Your Objective

Your objective is the reason why you are having an event in the first place. That’s why you need to be clear with it. Ask yourself what is its purpose. Is it to inform? to market? or to create brand awareness? Answering these questions will help you come up with a theme and decide better.

Know Your Budget

Plan your budget in advance to know the overall amount of what you are going to spend. You can talk to your accountant or make a spreadsheet that includes the cost estimate and the list of the things that you are going to purchase. From this, you can control your expenditures and avoid a shortage.

The Food

Food can make or break your party. Your guests cannot fully understand your presentation if they have an empty stomach. Moreover, if they are not happy with what you serve. So, think carefully about your menu. You also need to consider their dietary restrictions as some eat meat while others are allergic to seafood. You can cook by yourself or best ask a gourmet catering company.

Guest List

Your guest list should be next in mind. Are you planning to have an event for only executives? Or will this be for managers and your audience as well? With planning your guest list, you won’t miss inviting important people in your industry. It will also help you with your budget, etc.

Sound and Entertainment

From the speaker to your playlist, make sure that they will be entertained. You can hire a DJ or a band or play games. This is important to set the right mood and to make the gathering memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Photo Booth Hire Services

Whether you’re hosting a graduation party or a wedding, it’s important for your event to have a photo booth. In fact, you must prioritise calling them. They get lots of inquiries so there’s a chance you’ll not get one for your event. You’ll end up regretting not thinking of it sooner. If you’re not that familiar with photo booths, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about them:

How Long is the Setup Time?

It normally takes them an hour to set up the photo booth. Therefore, they would arrive at least a couple of hours before the event. The last thing they’d want to happen is being late. They wouldn’t want to be seen still setting up in the middle of the program. Some guests dressed up nicely because they’ve been looking forward to getting a couple of pictures taken there.

Where will it be Placed?

It will normally be placed near the registration of the event. The event organisers wouldn’t want for people to trip on the wirings. Therefore, they’ll place it somewhere isolated. Of course, they’ll make sure the photo booth would still get noticed by the guests.

How Many Photos are Taken?

They usually take 3 to 5 pictures per group. The time interval is usually 15 seconds after each photo. Therefore, guests would have to think of the poses before getting in the booth.

It’s essential to get photobooths for your event. The next thing to do would be to hire an established company that provides these services. You won’t have a problem with them as they’ll use quality materials like a high-end DSLR and a good-looking background. Click here to learn more.


The Ultimate Wedding Photo Booth Hire

The job of a professional photographer is to capture all the extraordinary events that will happen on your wedding day. This includes photos like walking down the aisle and the first kiss as husband and wife, amongst others.

However, the ‘job’ of the photo booth hire is something else—mainly to provide an awesome entertainment in the form of photo op sessions. These sessions are supposed to be wacky and in a way, silly.

This is because there are costumes and accessories to wear so you as the couple and your visitors can look a bit comical. If you prefer, you can look comical and humorous. In other words, when the party starts, the booth is there to give a total party entertainment.

As husband and wife, you collect pictures from your wedding day and most come from the professional photographer. These are serious photos and are the opposite of the ones taken from the photo booth hire.

In other words, there is a balance between serious and wacky photos. The photos are stored on CDs or DVDs, which can also be distributed to your guests. Being so, there are no other wedding souvenirs as special and meaningful than the ones from the compiled photos from the booth.

When you look back to that very special day, you won’t help but to laugh and be amused by looking at all those comical photos taken at the photo booth hire. Apart from that, there is a video messaging option, so be prepared for what your loved ones will say about the both of you.

Wedding parties are supposed to be a lot of fun and this can happen by looking for a service provider online. Call Photoboothiqe packages for more information and to learn about our packages.

What Does a Photo Booth Hire Offer?

The latest trend in event organizing is having a photo booth hire Adelaide, an experience that capture the memorable moments with friends at a premium. It is the space in which you’re free to express yourself and leave with a great fun picture.

Let’s see further what does a photo booth hire offer?

  • Personalized collages

The most ingenious graphic collages made for each event by Photoshop specialists transformed in framed photographs.

  • Color or Black and white?

The guests can choose their own the filters.

  • Live and touch sensation

The photo booth hire makes everything become easy when you use the touch screen to select options and frameworks that guide you to an ideal framing.

  • Double or nothing!

Duplicate strips after each photo session.

  • Funny accessories

Let your imagination run wild and play with the props available.

  • It’s on Facebook!

You can upload your favorite photo on Facebook immediately after it was taken.

  • Email Sent!

You can send the photo by email directly from the photo booth hire.

  • Unlimited use

Unlimited photos and prints throughout the rental period.

  • Quality photos

The equipment is high quality, the same as a photo studio performance.

  • Developing in 12 seconds

After each photo session, the photo booth has the photos ready in just 12 seconds.

  • Online photo gallery

All photos from the event are saved in a password protected online photo gallery. Your guests can download their own pictures.

  • Permanent assistance

A representative of the photo booth will be at your disposal during the entire event.

  • Delivery & Setup

It’s free to install and remove timely the booth, so that at the arrival of the guests the booth can be functional and ready to work.

  • Video Booth

What could be more fun than video messages transmitted by the guests directly from the photo booth with a microphone.

  • Guestbook

An album where one copy of the photos printed is attached and that you can keep as a memento. Under each photo, the guests can leave a reminder in writing.

  • Magnets

Magnets attached to the back of all photos so that your guests can remember daily the moments spent together.

  • Background of choice

Why go to Paris when we can bring the Eiffel tower directly in photo booth. Any image can be displayed in the background. Ideal for creative events, branding or themed weddings.

  • Picture frame

You can offer your guests the photo as a gift together with a photo frame in which they can put the pictures from the photo booth.

  • Animations / GIFs

A new photo booth for the guests to have fun. Photo booth for animations or GIFs. Photos come alive!


Question You Should Not Be Asking Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers would really play a huge part on your wedding, making friends with them or dealing with them as comfortable as possible is a must. Your wedding photographer will be the one to make sure that you will get the best possible photos that will be printed and be kept on your photo albums.

True, that treating them as a friend is more recommended, but of course, you want to set limitations. You would not want them to feel uncomfortable, thus just a tip, better ask the right questions and avoid those that may come too personal or offensive.

Questions you should not be asking your wedding photographer

“How much is your take home per event?”

Asking this questions is definitely not a good question to ask at all. This is something personal or confidential. Sydney wedding photographers are using their expertise or this profession for a living, thus why ask them questions not related to your wedding? The take home pay of your wedding photographer is something that you should not be asking, what you need to make sure is that you are paying them right, and after that, nothing else about the financial.

“What is your political stand?”

This is a question that some are using to open up a small talk, it would be really nice to know that you are trying to connect with your wedding photographer, but this question is not relevant to your wedding and may just start up ugly discussions. If you are trying to start a small talk, better start with, “how are you?” or “how long have you been working as a wedding photographer?”

“Are you happy being single?” / “Why are you not married yet?”

It can be a preference, but who cares. Asking them this question may sometime sound offensive. Try not to ask questions as such, as this is none of your business. Some may not see this as a good thing to discuss, sure, they will try to be very professional and just smile back at you, but they feel offended inside. Do not ask them too personal questions.

“Do you believe in marriage?”

Whether they do or not, it is not something that you need to worry about. Let your wedding photographer do their job. Whether they believe in marriage or not, it does not matter, let them stand with what they believe, leave them with what they thought is right and let them do their jobs.

Give Professional Touch to Event Memories with Photo Booth Rental

Throwing a party requires several arrangements thus it is not an easy task. Although, event take few hours of celebration but there are too many things we need to collect and look after. This is the reason why the arrangement of events start with the creation of the menu, and photo booth rental is the concept that comes in the mind very first. As everyone wants to keep the memories of the event. This menu also consists of even fun activities which become the main theme of the capturing pictures. No doubt, food arrangement, music system and seating organization need to be specific, but when it comes to checking the event specialization, as we cannot be present at everywhere in the event, these are only pictures that show the summery in attractive manners. Along with arrangement, we can evaluate the event in these. We can get the ideas for next event; if something missing we can arrange that for the upcoming events. In this way, we can get double benefits of hiring photo booth rental.

With the help of studies on the photography technological, it has been observed that photo collection is the best way to get live memories of life time events. These services are easy to get as well as affordable these days. We can do the arrangement of a photographer for any event whether it is birthday parties, office celebration, weddings, and much more. Photo professionals always use the high-quality camera and modern printer for photo output these days. These enhance photo quality and we can preserve these for a long time. Some of the booths offer backup and discount package as well. This helps us getting the affordable services for next event.

Other than this photo session of any event give us chance to become the model or celebrity for some time, and enjoying while making different poses with a wide range of themes. We get the chance to take a photo at a different place and become popular. People pay special attention to hiring a photo booth rental. This makes them stay worry free about the responsibility of pictures taking for the event. Photo services are available individually as well as in complete event arrangement. It comes in the discount if we take entire arrangement package one time. But we need to check the quality of the services before taking any final decision as wrong selection of the services can ruin the memories.

Photo services are available in different packages for different events. For large events, we can take the services of the high professional photographer, whereas small photo booths are recommendable for small events. You can take the suggestion of the experts as well as visit the professional photo website to get the best services for your upcoming events.

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Reasons Why Business That Involves Arcade Machines Can Be Beneficial

If you are planning to build a business, you might want to consider having a business that involves arcade machines. Having a business that involves arcade machines can be very beneficial for you. And here are some of the reasons why.

• It is already popular. You do not have to work that hard to gain attention. A lot of people recognize arcade machines already. They have lived the game. Whether they are young or old, they still play arcade games. Most family bonds at an arcade station, most couples as well, take their date on arcade stations. This kind of business is still popular because of how many people love it.

• You do not have to hire that much just to run the business. This means, there won’t be a lot of people for you to give salary on. You do not have to a hire a lot of people because arcade machines just work with tokens. You can just hire 2 to 3 persons and you are good to go.

You only have to hire someone that will take care on the token exchange department, and the prize department, and you are good to go. You do not have to hire a lot of people that will supervise the arcade machines, just because of the tendency that someone might cheat on it. There is just a small amount of chance that someone can cheat on it, since it only works with tokens. If they do not have tokens, it won’t work.

• This kind of business is easy to manage. As what mentioned earlier, this kind of business does not require that much staff. It is because machines work with tokens only. There is a lesser chance of you being cheated. You do not have to supervise. All you have to do is to handle the token exchange department, and the prize department. That is the only things that are important. Where to hire arcade machines in Melbourne?

So those are some of the reasons why businesses that involve arcade machines are beneficial for you. It is popular already so you do not have to work that hard just to gain attention. You do not have to hire a lot of people, which means you do not have to pay a lot of people. And then, this kind of business is easy to manage. It is easy to manage since arcade machines work with tokens only. There will be a lesser chance of you getting cheated on. You do not have to walk around and supervise. You also do not have to hire a lot of people for this kind of business.

If you are planning to buy an arcade machine, buy it from a company that you know you can trust. Also, consider some things before buying one. Consider things like, the size of the arcade machines, the allotted space for the arcade machines so that you will be guided on how many arcade machines you could buy. And also, always test it out to prevent encountering problems.

Benefits and Advantages of Acquiring Photo Booth Hire Services for a Party

A party is one of the most fun events that you can have. There would be many memories you can create in it, fun memories. And, it is important to treasure those memories. You can do that, by acquiring photo booth hire services. Acquiring photo booth hire Melbourne will really help you capture great memories that you don’t want to forget in a party. Aside from that, there are still many benefits and advantages that you can get from acquiring it. That is why; it is really good to have a photo booth at a party.

So now, here are some of the advantages that you can get from acquiring photo booth hire services.

  • Whatever the weather is, you can still have good pictures with photo booth hire services. It could be raining, but you can still have great pictures. They know how to adjust. They know what to do in certain situations like these. You do not have to worry about the weather. You do not have to stress yourself out about not having a great party event  because you cannot take good pictures just because of the weather. You can still have one. Don’t worry, because with photo booth hire services, you will certainly have great pictures, whatever the weather is.
  • Photo booth hire services can also help give your guests great pictures. We really struggle about genuinely smiling on pictures because we get shy. But having a photo booth, you do not have to get shy and nervous about you being photographed. They provide a really comfortable area for you. It is really convenient for you. You do not have to panic anymore about you being photographed. You and your visitors can now have really great photos because of this.
  • Acquiring photo booth hire services can increase the fun. It is really great to have photo booths in a party because it just increases the fun. You can have a solo picture or you can be in a group when being photographed, which would be so fun. You can be as silly as you want. There would be props available for you to use, which helps you in getting more fun pictures. It also increases the bond of your friendship. You can have a really great time with photo booth hire services.

So those are some of the benefits and advantages of acquiring photo booth hire services. You can still have really good pictures, whatever the weather is. Also, you can help your friends have really great pictures as well, since having photo booths provide them areas that they could be comfortable when being photographed. You and your friends can totally have great pictures with photo booth hire services. And also, acquiring it can really increase the fun. It is because; you will be given props that can make your pictures look really silly and fun. You can look as silly as you want, and nobody will judge you. It also strengthens the bond between relationships.

If you are going to acquire photo booth hire services for your party, make sure to acquire it from a company that you can trust with. Make sure that they really have great services. You can determine that by reading and knowing the reviews and feedbacks they got from their past customers.