All About Face Painting

Face painting is already getting more popular especially in some events where there are children. You see, children can be bothersome when they get bored, they will keep running around and can even bump into some of the decorations or worst they might bump into one of the servers. So, if there are expected kids in your planned event, be sure to prepare at the same time something that can make them busy and can prevent them from getting bored. There are a lot of engaging things that you can set up through one of the most convenient is hiring a face painter. There are already a number of them around and they can really fascinate kids even those older kids. Just be sure though that you will hire someone who is really knowledgeable and will prioritize safety measure. Take note that kids’ skins are still delicate and can get irritated easily.

Below are some tips so that you will successfully hire face painters who are reliable and will think of the children’s welfare:

– The first thing to check is their liability insurance. Be sure that you will hire only a face painter with one. This is to ensure that if their stuff will get damaged or one of the kids will have an adverse reaction with the kinds of paints they use, there will be an accredited agency you can run to.


– The next to check is the products he will be using for the activity. Again, you must only go for a face painter that will be using an FDA approved products. As a matter of fact, it would be best if they will not use FDA approved paints but also those with child safety rating.

– You must not also forget to inquire the number of children he can paint in an hour. This is at the same time important so that you will know how long you will hire him. Know that a reliable face painter will usually accommodate 10 – 15 kids per hour. So, if he will claim that he can finish far more than that number, then you must be doubtful if he is telling you the truth.

– And lastly, ask if there are will be situations or some instances where they can paint a particular child. This is to check if they have theoretical knowledge about face painting that is in the event a child has skin disease like rashes or skin allergies, he should not be painted. Instead, the painting must be done in the other parts of the body like in the arms for example. Painting the child with skin abnormalities will only augment his condition and the paint might irritate the allergy more.

Do not forget that face painting is purely for fun thus you are hiring them. but that will not be achieved if someone will end up getting hurt. So, be sure to carefully check the credentials of your face painter before finalizing everything.