Advantages of Linking Your Alarm Monitoring System To Your Neighbors

Securing your home is a must. This is true since most of our belongings, especially our loved ones are residing in our home. That is why, an alarm monitoring system is really important. Did you know that you can link your alarm system to your neighbor? This way, they will be alerted should a burglar try to enter your house.

Overcome your vulnerabilities

A linked alarm system becomes even more necessary for your safety if you are in a vulnerable situation in your life. You might be a single mother, a senior citizen, a person with impaired abilities or plain unwell. Either of these situations make you very vulnerable to attacks from unwanted elements and somewhat unable to look after your own best interests. If one of your neighbours whom you know and trust has an alarm system which is linked to yours, you can contact him/her in an emergency situation which you are unable to manage by yourself.

Freedom to choose your emergency partners

The emergency alarm security manufacturer you choose to take services from will always give you the option to choose the neighbour or relative you want to link your alarm system with. It should be a person with whom you are comfortable and share a good rapport with. In addition to these services the alarm security provider will have security support officers on call who can instruct you to handle the situation if you have fallen down and hurt yourself. You can also arrange for people to check on relatives who are staying at home alone. In case you want to change the neighbour you want your alarm to be linked with then you can change accordingly using your secret password.

Meanwhile, you can also add security to your office premises by using secure cabinets.

Confidential papers of the company or essential laptops which store all the company’s data etc should be kept locked safely inside secure cabinets installed in the workplace. These cabinets usually are assigned to certain codes which have to be dialled whenever they have to be opened. If the code is incorrect an alarm system will start beeping to attract the attention of the important officials. You can also have spare master key to these secure cabinets in case you lose any one of them.

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