Activities that Might Lead to Vehicular Accidents

It is everybody’s responsibility to keep the road safe for both the driver and the pedestrians. Pedestrians should always pay attention when crossing and must cross on the proper lane. They should also follow the road signs. In the same manner, drivers should pay attention also for these road signs. There are also some things that we should avoid doing when driving to ensure their safety and those around them.

Don’t overtake

It seems to really irritate when a car whizzes past you on the motorway and suddenly you are consumed by this irrational urge to overtake and beat the other vehicle in an imagined race. However, traffic experts say that overtaking is another leading cause of accidents and overtaking a vehicle from the left or the inside lane is illegal. This form of overtaking is called undertaking and should be strictly avoided.

Driving in the blind spot

Know what the blind spots are and avoid being in the blind spot of a truck or a big vehicle driver’s vision when you are driving along the same motorway. The blind spots occur on dual sides of trucks and are areas extremely prone to accidents. Keeping your distance and avoiding overtaking are two ways you can stop being a part of the blind spot.

Reduce tailgating

Don’t follow another vehicle very close if you want to avoid having an accident. Personal Injury Lawyers in Toowoomba say that tailgating is a serious offense and it will cause problems should you wish to file a compensation claim in court. Make sure that are at least 3 seconds worth of distance between you and the next car. If it’s night or an early foggy morning, then it’s safer to keep 4-5 seconds of distance between you and the next vehicle.

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