Amazing Thai Kitchen

If you love Asian food especially Thai food then you would surely be interested in trying out myriad versions of Thai dishes available on the streets of Australia. Thai restaurants in Australia might not be 100% authentic in approach but they do serve up some delectable culinary experimental fare. The flavour of the food is cosmopolitan enough to cater to the local taste. Here are some reasons why you should sample some Thai dishes while in Australia.

thai food

Artificial Meat and Vegan Duck

For all those vegetarians out there who have never tried out Thai food because it is predominantly a meat based, are in for a huge surprise. Restaurants like Peace Harmony in Sydney serve vegetarian duck, vegan oysters and half a dozen other varieties of bogus non-veg dishes. What these restaurants actually do is to serve meat substitutes like soya, mushroom etc and dress them up in a way that makes them resemble a duck, prawn etc. The sauce platter is interesting with oyster, sweet chilli, soya, pepper and housing sauce.

Healthy Thai Pizzas

Pizzas rank amongst the top ten of the worlds’ favourite food and though you probably know that it is loaded with fat and carbs, you just can’t get enough of this delicious cheesy food. However, restaurants like Crust Pizza have introduced a healthy Thai twist to traditional pizza which is comparatively gluten free and cooked on wholemeal bases. The base of the pizza is sweet chill while the pastry is filled with hearty pieces of chicken, lots of veggies and delicious nuts like groundnut and cashew. Thai spices like Bononcini, coconut, sweet basil, mint-curd create a lovely twist to the traditional Italian or Americano pizza.

Authentic Flavours and Forgotten Spices


If you are a culinary puritan who detests mish-mash when it comes to food then you can visit one of the authentic hot spots of Thai food like Spice 1 A.m. These kinds of joints have skilled Thai chefs who use ingredients directly sourced from Thailand in their food. The ingredient like betel leaf, cashew paste and roasted coconut powder are not known to most Australians but they are an integral part of authentic Thai foods. You will get to sample dishes like the green prawn on fried betel leaf with sweet chilli sauce, coriander and cashew nuts.

Best of Thai Fusion

The high streets of are home to some of the best and oldest Thai restaurants like Thai-Nesia. These restaurants are culinary melting pots and will serve vintage dishes with a modern twist. Sample food as exotic and innovative as Barbecue Barossa chicken with chilli jam with a side dish of coriander and mint are also available.  If you have always wanted to sample new flavours and tastes then fusion Thai food should be right up there at the top of your food list.


Sweet Bites


Finish of your Thai meals with desserts like banana fritters and coconut ice cream, French-Thai fusion desserts, coconut cake and other exotic sweet dishes. In most Thai joints you will get an impressive collection of Pan-Asian mocktails too.